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The 60 Day Challenge!!!

The Golden Path  

Wow it actually works even if you join pay your $2 a day and do nothing!

I do not like promoting something that sucks money out of my friends pockets and leaves a bad taste in their mouths.  I remember the pyramid schemes of the 80s. 

I sat back and it took 18 days to see 4 people placed under me in the matrix.

First.  This matrix has a product.  A web page.  Banner Ad links back to your site.  Free E books for being a member and free banner ads for any product you wish to sell besides The Golden Path.  These ads are rotated to all members pages so you have access to thousands of people.

This program is designed not to stall.  Most pyramids fail because someone becomes passive and does not sign anyone up.

This system created "Angels" or $2 memberships that do not collect money and simply push you up to the next pay level.

Watch the video on the site for more info on how the Angels work. 

It why the compensation plan is patent pending.


Now think for a moment.

A $2 a day investment.   $60.00 a month.  Eventually you will cycle and earn $44 a day.

Let's say it takes 3 months or $180.00 of your money before you are in the black.

It costs 2 dollars a day so subtract $2 a day to continue and that leaves $42.00 a day profit.  It will take you 5 days to have recouped your investment and now you are earning $1200.00 a month.

Now we can't guarantee how long it will take to reach profitability or how much you can earn but simply do the math.  You can subscribe up to 200 times. Wouldn't it be nice to earn a little income so that you can get ahead of the bills?  I do.


The Two Month Challenge!


Where can you spend only $2 per day as a member, earn up to 22x that?

Where can you find a business with website, advertising tools for only $2 per day?

Where can you have access to 17000 customers and advertise for free?

Where can you get free Ebooks?

Where can you earn income by simply being a member and never have to sell to anyone?

No product, No inventory just profits!

The Challenge.  Join for 2 months.  If you are not profitable or close to being that, then quit.

What has it really cost you?

Half a Latte a day?

1 pack of smokes every 5 days?

A cup of Joe a day?

You have better odds here than with the lottery.


It is only 3 months old and not known yet!

Get in on the ground floor and watch your income grow almost daily!

How it works?

It's a one team matrix where all new members are placed at the bottom pushing you up the ladder.

It is that simple.  Remember, No Selling, but as you make money you might just want to bring a few friends along for the ride!


No Surprises with the Golden Path system. Click on the link below or view the gateway page I created to simplify the process of joining.  It is not that hard but this explains the easiest path to your success.  Click here


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The first program I tried was called Infolinks.


This program consists of placing of script into your web pages.  The cost to you is free.  The return is based upon how many clicks your pages generate.  You also receive further pay if someone purchases a product or service.

So far I have had minimal return on it, however it costs nothing so whether I earn a penny or a dollar, it is money in my pocket and I was not promised the world nor was I induced to spend hundreds of start-up dollars to be only ripped off.

Since my site is up 24/7, it earns me pennies per day.  Eventually I will receive a check for doing absolutely nothing and that is fine by me.

A more robust service comes from commission junction.  This site is a collection of name brand companies from around the world who want to get their product in the face of the public.  They offer Affiliate programs where you place their banner ad on your site and if someone purchases an item from your link, it is tracked and you will receive a commission ranging from a couple of percent to 10% or more.

Since I have just begun using this service I cannot report any income but will report to you here if and when a commission is paid.

Again this program is free so you have nothing to lose and a website that is working while you sleep.  Choose the affiliates you like and place the links on your site and see what comes of it. 


With both these you need a website.  A domain name will cost you money.  Usually your internet provider has a free website.  Some will allow advertising on them including blogs.  Check your provider site first and see if they allow script on their site. 

Some steps you can take to be more successful is to begin a twitter account and a blog.  Your blog can be about anything you have a passion about.  I created 2 blogs.  I have a brain injury so I created a blog about that.  http://onebrokenbrain.blogspot.ca

My second blog is about dogs, http://yourdogblog.blogspot.ca

Now you can place ads on these pages and as your site grows in popularity the chances are your ads will generate hits and sales.  Again all you have done is write a few pages about your passion and advertise some kind of product.  The best is that you choose an affiliate program that best suits the subject you are writing about.


Open a twitter account and begin to tweet about the same subject matter.  Find a Niche and then seek out followers who have the same interest.

@K_tzu is my twitter account tell your friends about this page  .   


You can link your twitter account to your blog to your Facebook accounts and cross advertise in all mediums with a single blog or tweet.

This creates traffic to your site and eventually it will pay off.

Will you get rich?

That depends on your subject matter, the right links and the effort you assign to this endeavor.  If you have an unused website then why not make it work for you.

This is strictly a hobby for me.  I work 12 hr days and the time I have towards this is limited however, if every few months I get a check, I'm happy and its a night out for my wife and I.

No Surprises with the Golden Path system. Click on the link below or view the gateway page I created to simplify the process of joining.  It is not that hard but this explains the easiest path to your success.  Click here


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