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Dedication Word Play
Romeo Untitled M.A. Quianzon Legacy by Carina  
Last Dance Look At Me    
Walk Away Street Child   Untitled by Pam Rein
Some Body This Time You Give Me As It Comes
Love Struck Old Man I Had A Dream Untitled Elissa Baker
Thunder & Lightning Pride Dick & Jane To LoveYou
Never More Tribal Warfare Lulabye  
Clouds Passing of Summer Family Paint Me
My Pick Me Up Truck Our Love Twas the Nite Friendship
Monday Morning Blues Dream On Take Me Back Anything
Hit The Road Wings A Letter To A Husband Along the Way
Tear In The Sky Addiction Why Oh Why Untitled
Hold On Good-Bye A Moment In Time Choices
Baby Done Cry Trilogy Homeward Bound Carina Michelle Lightyears
Cold Wind Wound Me Once Eternal River
Baby, Baby, Baby   Siren's Call Lessons
Made You Cry Letter To My Hero Invisible How & why
Jason A Flower So Delicate My Heart Fragile Creature
Hidden Flight Yani  
I'm Here  Poems by N. Juarez